Customers faq’s

Most Common Questions

  • No Contracts
    We do not use contracts at Benjamin Instant Lawn; we believe our work speaks for itself. If you wish to cancel your service with us, simply provide us with a written notice, mail, or email, 48 hours prior to your next service date.  If you wish to skip a service, we need a minimum of 24 “BUSINESS” hours to remove your lawn from the schedule.
  • No same day skips or terminations will be accepted.
    If there are any questions or concerns regarding the performance of our service, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to remedy the situation.
  • Locked Gates.
    We must have complete access to all service areas. There will be no refund or discount issued for inaccessible areas due to locked gates. Please leave service areas unlocked or make sure you proved a person who can unlock for us for your scheduled service day. A R500 return-trip charge will be assessed for any request to service a previously locked area.
  • Concerning Pets
    Please have pets secured on your mowing day. Please make security dogs are caged or secured If your pet is not secured, we will make every attempt to ensure your loved one not escape, however, we cannot be responsible for pets that do escape. If you do not want to mess with the mess, we also offer pet waste removal as part of our full lawn service.  For a complete list of services that we provide, please see our services page.
  • Bad Weather
    If we are unable to service your lawn due to inclement weather conditions, we will adjust our schedule accordingly.  All weather delayed work will be rescheduled first.  Please keep in mind that inclement weather at the beginning of the week could affect the entire week’s schedule.
  • Pools
    There is no discount if you have a pool in your back yard. Servicing a yard with a pool actually creates more work for our crews.
  • Grass Clippings
    We use commercial grade mulching mowers that let the cut grass fall back into the lawn delivering healthy vitamins and nutrients that your lawn needs. We will, however, bag all clippings from backyards with swimming pools to minimize grass blades and other debris from blowing into your pool and dirtying up your summer fun.
  • Sprinkler Systems
    For best results please do not water your lawn the evening before or morning of the day we are scheduled to service your lawn.
  • Landscape Quotes
    Lawn and landscape quotations are valid for 30 days, beyond 30 days it will need re-evaluating due to the change in lawn conditions and the desired amount of materials needed.
  • Damage Complaints
    We will gladly replace or repair any drain covers or sprinkler heads that may be damaged during service. We will not pay for someone else to make these repairs or deduct amounts from your bill for repairs.  Please notify us as soon as possible if you discover any damage may have resulted from a previous scheduled appointment.
  • Late Payments
    We offer a variety of options for our customers to be able to make payments. Therefore there is no reason to ever have a late payment. Your monthly payment is due on the 15th of the following month. An R300.00 late fee will be assessed to your account if payment is not received by the 15th of the month. For any reason you are unable to provide payment in that time period please call or e-mail so we can discuss your options.
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